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Press Coverage (we’re famous!) – Article published by Ukranian journalists in Odessa when they met us riding through in September 2011 (text in Russian) – Article published by Kazakh journalists in the small town of Smirnovo, between Petropavlovsk and Burabay from August 2012 (text in Russian) – turn to page-27 of the magazine to see a piece about us, written by Tamar

Other Pino Travellers that we have met or found out about

Marie-Lise & Paul – French Pino-ists we met in Vilnius in June 2012 (blog in French)
Veronique – Yannick’s girlfriend, who we haven’t met, but who rode through South America with her young son on a Pino (blog in French)
Regine and Gregoire – French couple going westwards around the world and also had a broken Pino Frame (blog in French)
Natt and Paul – A couple who live in Thailand, set themselves a challenge of cycling through every province capital city in Thailand during second half of 2012 (blog in English & Thai) and who we met in Bangkok in July-2013
Julie and Mark – A couple from Kent, England who completed a 6 month trip across the USA and into Central America, during mid 2013
Brendon and Emma – A couple from Australia who found us through this blog and are currently Pino-ing from Canada down into Central America and have also had the joy of a broken Pino frame

Travellers We’ve Met

Friedel & Andrew – Canadian cyclists we met in Canada in summer 2009. We were at the end of our 3 week tour, they were at the end of their 3 year one!
Stephanie & Fabrice – French cyclists we met in France early in our 2011 trip, and at least 4 times thereafter across Europe (blog in French)
Kent Moller – motorbiker from Greenland that we met in Vilnius in June 2012 (mostly photos, some Danish text)
Ismael & Joanna – Swiss motorbikers we met in Latvia in June 2012 (blog in German)
Antoine & Elodie – French cyclists we met a couple of times in Russia in July 2012 (blog in French)
Nye, Tom & Nick – English cyclists we met at a bike shop in Almaty in September 2012
Yannick – French-Canadian motorbiker currently living and working in Almaty who we met in September 2012 (blog in French)
Charlie Walker – English guy we cycled with for a couple of days in September 2012 between Almaty and Bishkek who has been on the road for a couple of years and as well as cycling has walked from China to Mongolia where he bought a horse
Mary and Peter – We met Mary and Peter travelling in the opposite direction to us on the road from Almaty to Bishkek in September 2012 (Update:  Mary and Peter were killed in a road accident in Thailand on 13 Feb 2013.  Our hearts go out to their families and friends.)
Martine and Dominique – French cyclists we met in a hostel in Bishkek in September 2012, going to China, then into Tibet (blog in French)
Arian and Moniek – Dutch cyclists we met in a hostel in Bishkek in September 2012, also going to China, but via Almaty
Laura and Ashley – Australian cyclists we met on the Kyrgyz/Chinese border in October 2012 and then tic-tacked with for the next 2 months as we crossed China together
Morgan, Siphay and Brian – French cyclists we met in Kunming in March 2013. They’ve been on the road for 3 years and are still best friends!
Charles and Jen – Canadian outdoor adventurers we met in Laos in April 2013. They were en route from Thailand to China/Tibet.
Sven and Astrid – German diving couple we met in Koh Tao in November 2013. They’re about to start a 2 year world tour in a 1970’s Steyr 4WD truck, stopping off to dive in lots of places
Sabine and Fernando – A French couple we met on the road in Malaysia. They are touring the world in a beautiful 1970’s VW camper-van (blog in French)
Astrid Fischer – Austrian cyclist turned dive-instructor who we met and worked with in Tioman and who is now cycling again

Useful Resources For Cycle Tourists

JD Tandems – selling tandems for every occasion
TravellingTwo – everything you ever wanted to know about cycle-touring
Mark & Ju – more resources with lots of country specific information from their UK to Australia tour about 10 years ago
WarmShowers – hospitality for cyclists by cyclists
CouchSurfing – sofas to sleep on around the globe
HorizonsUnlimited – complete travel resource for motorbikers but really useful for the rest of us too
Sheldon Brown – if you don’t know how to fix your bike, Sheldon does … or did, as sadly he’s no longer with us, but his legacy remains

Russia & Asia Resources

Real Russia – GB & Russia based agency offering travel and visa services to the Russian Federation
Caravanistan – a silk road travel guide or a one-stop resource for travel in the ‘stans
Yandex – for Russia & beyond, this picks up where google-maps leaves off, and works just as well with Cyrillic or Latin
Baidu – Chinese equivalent of google-maps. All in Chinese, which is handy when you’re looking at a roadsign that only has Chinese on it
Bicycle Thailand – an excellent resourse about cycling in Thailand for those passing through or those living there. Especially helpful is the list of over 450 bike shops in the country with GPS coordinates given for many
SouthEastAsiaBackpacker Magazine – a generally useful (and entertaining) magazine about lots to do and see in and around south east Asia

Inspirational Video Clips

6tzen en Amerique – family of 6 travel the Americas on two Pinos
Gunther Holtorf – a news article on Gunther Holtorf’s 23 year road trip

Race Reports

Asy Plateau MTB Race Report – report from the MTB race that we rode in Kazakhstan in September 2012 (report in Russian)

6 responses to “Links

  1. Tamar , Just finished the Coast to Coast “Way of the Roses” with Liz & Quentin in support of Arthur my Brother-in-law who was raising cash for the British Heart Foundation.
    Really enjoyed their company- you’re quite a family !!! Keeping up with your travels with great interest and awe.
    Best wishes.

  2. Lorna & Herb Treacy

    Hi Tamar & Keith
    Hope you both keep well. You are getting closer to us. What an adventure you are both having.
    I have been enjoying your blog and it is a great way of keeping in touch. We are off to Ireland in August for 3 weeks and then 2 weeks in Croatia and Italy. We are looking forward to the trip. Herb hasnt been over for 14 years. It will be great to see everyone. We have just had weeks of hot weather and today around 26. It is super and so many social events can go ahead . Autumn is approaching, the trees are changing. THE irish weather is terrible. we seen Nt Ireland without electricity and snowing.
    Love to you both and take care
    Love Herb and Lorna xxxxxxx

    • Hi Lorna,
      Great to hear from you, and yes, we’re getting ever closer, but don’t worry about your trip to Ireland – I think you’ll be back in Oz long before we get that far south !!! It was at least 26 here today in Kunming in China, but I think we might be in for a roasting when we get into south east Asia in the next few weeks to a month.
      We are hoping to pay you a visit at some point!!
      Lots of love, and thanks for reading our blog,

  3. Mícheál Ó Raghaill

    Hi Tamar & Keith, met you in Bishkek, my mother and Keith’s father both from Bawnboy, small world, I was working and cycling. Next year I’m traveling again with the lovely Carmel, the pearl of my life whom fell into my life when I was avoiding relationships or liaisons. Talk later

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