2011 Daily Stats

This page covers our 2011 touring which took us from the UK, across Europe following the rivers Loire & Danube from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea (on EuroVelo Route-6) and then on into Ukraine, Crimea and then to Russia where we finished up in late October and then flew back to the UK. We passed through England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland (briefly), Germany, Austria, (then slight detour to Czech Republic, Poland & back to Czech Republic) Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova (for 3kms), Ukraine, Crimea, and then southern Russia. Chronologically, the page reads from the bottom up.

Date Day From To Kms overnight
      Total kms from 6-Apr-2011 to 23-Oct-2011 = 11,561.7  
24-Oct-2011 to
in England & N.Ireland 0.0 friends & family
23-Oct-2011 Sun South London 0.0 friends
22-Oct-2011 Sat Rostov-on-Don (Russia) London (England) 0.0 friend’s
21-Oct-2011 Fri Rostov (tourists) 0.0 apartment
20-Oct-2011 Thu Rostov (DHL bike back to UK) 0.0 apartment
19-Oct-2011 Wed 45kms before Rostov Rostov-on-Don 64.7 apartment
18-Oct-2011 Tue 5kms before Tselina 45kms before Rostov 113.3 tree line
17-Oct-2011 Mon Orlovski town 5kms before Tselina 101.0 tree line
16-Oct-2011 Sun Podgornoe village Orlovski town 117.4 gostunitza
15-Oct-2011 Sat 25kms after Elista Podgornoe village 90.6 Mayor’s house
14-Oct-2011 Fri Elista 25kms after Elista 38.2 field
13-Oct-2011 Thu Elista (rest) 11.4 gostunitza
12-Oct-2011 Wed Elista (rest) 0.0 gostunitza
11-Oct-2011 Tue 55kms before Elista Elista 82.9 gostunitza
10-Oct-2011 Mon 50kms before Ipatovo 55kms before Elista 121.6 trees
09-Oct-2011 Sun 10kms after Novo-Alexandrovsk 50kms before Ipatovo 117.2 trees
08-Oct-2011 Sat 10kms before Kropotkin 10kms after Novo-Alexandrovsk 87.8 tree line
07-Oct-2011 Fri 10kms after edge of Krasnodar 10kms before Kropotkin 127.0 field
06-Oct-2011 Thu 15kms before Slavyansk 10kms after edge of Krasnodar 133.4 tree line (man with chain-saw)
05-Oct-2011 Wed Vityazevo 15kms before Slavyansk 85.2 tree line
04-Oct-2011 Tue Vityazevo (rest) 0.0 hotel
03-Oct-2011 Mon 15kms before Anapa Vityazevo 5.8 hotel
02-Oct-2011 Sun about 20kms into Russia 15kms before Anapa 74.9 sand-dunes
01-Oct-2011 Sat 20kms before Kerch (Crimea) about 20kms into Russia 66.6 tree line
30-Sep-2011 Fri 5kms after Feodosiya 20kms before Kerch (Crimea) 75.8 field
29-Sep-2011 Thu 15kms before Sudak 5kms after Feodosiya 78.1 beach
28-Sep-2011 Wed 10kms after Alushta 15kms before Sudak 51.2 beach
27-Sep-2011 Tue Yalta 10kms after Alushta 53.8 woods
26-Sep-2011 Mon Yalta (getting frame welded) 7.0 apartment
25-Sep-2011 Sun Yalta (with cracked bike frame) 0.0 apartment
24-Sep-2011 Sat 10kms after Yalta centre of Yalta 23.1 apartment
23-Sep-2011 Fri nr Foros 10kms after Yalta 61.5 woods
22-Sep-2011 Thu nr Balaclava nr Foros 43.8 above Black Sea
21-Sep-2011 Wed Sevastopol nr Balaclava 60.5 scrubland
20-Sep-2011 Tue Sevastopol (rebuild rear wheel) 0.0 hostel
19-Sep-2011 Mon 10kms after Krasnoperekops’k Sevastopol (200kms by coach) 15.5 hostel
18-Sep-2011 Sun just after Veliki Kopani 10kms after Krasnoperekops’k 109.6 tree line
17-Sep-2011 Sat 20kms after Mykolaiv just after Veliki Kopani 102.4 scrubland
16-Sep-2011 Fri nr Yuzhne 20kms after Mykolaiv 119.9 tree line
15-Sep-2011 Thu Odessa nr Yuzhne 46.0 vineyard security hut
14-Sep-2011 Wed Odessa (sightseeing) 45.0 local’s house
13-Sep-2011 Tue 30kms from Odessa Odessa 64.0 chalet
12-Sep-2011 Mon short way after Sarata 30kms from Odessa 106.6 field
11-Sep-2011 Sun nr Kiliia short way after Sarata 101.1 nr railway
10-Sep-2011 Sat nr Reni (just into Ukraine) nr Kiliia 115.1 laneside
09-Sep-2011 Fri btwn Somova & Isaccea (Romania) nr Reni (just into Ukraine) 107.1 scrubland
08-Aug-2011 Thu Sulina btwn Somova & Isaccea (Romania) 27.1 field
07-Sep-2011 Wed Sulina (Danube delta) 8.9 Black Sea shore
06-Sep-2011 Tue Sulina (Danube delta) 12.9 Black Sea shore
05-Sep-2011 Mon nr Tulcea Sulina (Danube delta) 22.9 Black Sea shore
04-Sep-2011 Sun nr Cetatea Heracleea nr Tulcea 79.3 field
03-Sep-2011 Sat nr Cetatea Histria nr Cetatea Heracleea 76.3 hilltop
02-Sep-2011 Fri Mamaia nr Cetatea Histria 73.0 lake shore
01-Sep-2011 Thu Mamaia (rest) 0.0 campsite
31-Aug-2011 Wed Mamaia (rest) 0.0 campsite
30-Aug-2011 Tue Mamaia (rest) 26.8 campsite
29-Aug-2011 Mon Mamaia (rest) 0.0 campsite
28-Aug-2011 Sun 10kms from Cobadin Constanta / Mamaia 67.2 campsite
27-Aug-2011 Sat nr Ostrov 10kms from Cobadin 87.0 hilltop
26-Aug-2011 Fri just after Chiselet nr Ostrov 63.5 field
25-Aug-2011 Thu 12kms after Giurgiu just after Chiselet 92.6 field
24-Aug-2011 Wed just after Zimnicea 12kms after Giurgiu 92.5 hilltop
23-Aug-2011 Tue just after Turnu Magurele just after Zimnicea 61.7 field
22-Aug-2011 Mon Zaval just after Turnu Magurele 98.3 field
21-Aug-2011 Sun nr Calafat Zaval 84.8 riverside
20-Aug-2011 Sat 30kms after Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Romania) nr Calafat 95.2 field
19-Aug-2011 Fri 2kms after Golubinje (Serbia) 30kms after Drobeta-Turnu Severin (Romania) 93.2 field
18-Aug-2011 Thu 3kms after Veliko Gradiste 2kms after Golubinje (Serbia) 89.0 woods
17-Aug-2011 Wed 3kms after Osipaonica 3kms after Veliko Gradiste 81.6 field
16-Aug-2011 Tue nr Zeleznik 3kms after Osipaonica 84.6 field
15-Aug-2011 Mon Beska Belgrade 107.5 field
14-Aug-2011 Sun just beyond Sombor (Serbia) 20kms after Novi Sad (Beska) 110.4 field
13-Aug-2011 Sat nr Szekszard (Hungary) just beyond Sombor (Serbia) 107.9 field
12-Aug-2011 Fri nr Tass nr Szekszard (Hungary) 119.5 field
11-Aug-2011 Thu Budapest nr Tass 53.9 field
10-Aug-2011 Wed Budapest (bike rebuild) 20.0 campsite
09-Aug-2011 Tue Budapest train station Budapest (Bikers Campsite) 0.0 campsite
08-Aug-2011 Mon Novi Sad back to Budapest (on train) 0.0 on train
29-Jul-2011 to
Novi Sad (waiting for bike frame) 0.0 hostel
28-Jul-2011 Thu 20kms from Novi Sad (Serbia) Novi Sad 24.3 hostel
27-Jul-2011 Wed nr Vukovar (Croatia) 20kms from Novi Sad (Serbia) 96.6 woods
26-Jul-2011 Tue nr Mohacs (Hungary) nr Vukovar (Croatia) 127.6 field
25-Jul-2011 Mon nr Kalocsa nr Mohacs (Hungary) 99.4 field
24-Jul-2011 Sun nr Tokol nr Kalocsa 113.2 field
23-Jul-2011 Sat Budapest nr Tokol 32.6 field
22-Jul-2011 Fri Budapest (rest) 0.0 apartment
21-Jul-2011 Thu nr Esztergom Budapest 76.6 apartment
20-Jul-2011 Wed Komarom nr Esztergom 56.4 Danube-side
19-Jul-2011 Tue nr Moson-Magyarovar (Hungary) Komarom 87.5 campsite
18-Jul-2011 Mon Bratislava (Slovakia) nr Moson-Magyarovar (Hungary) 65.2 cornfield
17-Jul-2011 Sun nr Hulic (Slovakia) Bratislava (Slovakia) 92.5 campsite
16-Jul-2011 Sat nr Vsetin (Czech Republic) nr Hulic (Slovakia) 104.4 riverside
15-Jul-2011 Fri nr Rosnov (Czech Republic) nr Vsetin (Czech Republic) 63.0 hill-top
14-Jul-2011 Thu nr Pszczyna (Poland) nr Rosnov (Czech Republic) 114.7 woods
13-Jul-2011 Wed nr Pszczyna nr Pszczyna (Poland) 43.9 woods
12-Jul-2011 Tue Gliwice nr Pszczyna 74.3 woods
11-Jul-2011 Mon Gliwice (rest) 9.2 family
10-Jul-2011 Sun Gliwice (rest) 6.1 family
09-Jul-2011 Sat Gliwice (rest) 0.0 family
08-Jul-2011 Fri Gliwice (rest) 24.3 family
07-Jul-2011 Thu Gliwice (rest) 6.7 family
06-Jul-2011 Wed Gliwice (Poland) 0.0 family
05-Jul-2011 Tue after Odry (Czech Republic) Gliwice (Poland) 123.2 family
04-Jul-2011 Mon nr Bzenec (Czech Republic) after Odry (Czech Republic) 109.5 woods
03-Jul-2011 Sun nr Reinthal (Austria) nr Bzenec (Czech Republic) 80.6 woods
02-Jul-2011 Sat Vienna nr Reinthal (Austria) 86.8 field
01-Jul-2011 Fri Vienna (rest) 30.1 campsite
30-Jun-2011 Thu nr Greifenstein Vienna 62.8 campsite
29-Jun-2011 Wed outside Spitz nr Greifenstein 77.1 Danube-side
28-Jun-2011 Tue nr Grein outside Spitz 86.3 woods
27-Jun-2011 Mon Linz nr Grein 58.7 Danube-side
26-Jun-2011 Sun Linz (rest) 0.0 campsite
25-Jun-2011 Sat Inzell (Austria) Linz 70.9 campsite
24-Jun-2011 Fri nr Gaishofen (Germany) Inzell (Austria) 62.1 campsite
23-Jun-2011 Thu nr Straubing nr Gaishofen (Germany) 106.1 woods
22-Jun-2011 Wed Regensburg nr Straubing 58.1 Danube-side
21-Jun-2011 Tue nr Vohburg Regensburg 74.4 campsite
20-Jun-2011 Mon after Marxheim nr Vohburg 60.3 woods
19-Jun-2011 Sun nr Leipheim after Marxheim 99.9 nr Danube
18-Jun-2011 Sat Riedlingen nr Leipheim 94.5 Danube-side
17-Jun-2011 Fri nr Beuron Riedlingen 77.0 campsite
16-Jun-2011 Thu Donaueschingen nr Beuron 52.0 woods
15-Jun-2011 Wed rest (waiting for new trailer) 7.3 campsite
14-Jun-2011 Tue rest (waiting for new trailer) 24.2 campsite
13-Jun-2011 Mon rest (waiting for new trailer) 0.0 campsite
12-Jun-2011 Sun rest (waiting for new trailer) 0.0 campsite
11-Jun-2011 Sat rest (waiting for new trailer) 29.5 campsite
10-Jun-2011 Fri nr Tiengen Donaueschingen 64.6 campsite
09-Jun-2011 Thu nr Basel (Germany) nr Tiengen 74.3 woods
08-Jun-2011 Wed nr Montbeliard (France) nr Basel (Germany) 112.0 riverside
07-Jun-2011 Tue nr Baume-les-Dames nr Montbeliard (France) 80.4 canalside
06-Jun-2011 Mon nr Besancon nr Baume-les-Dames 58.5 riverside
05-Jun-2011 Sun Dole nr Besancon 51.4 canalside
04-Jun-2011 Sat nr Seurre Dole 57.5 campsite
03-Jun-2011 Fri nr St-Leger-sur-Dheune nr Seurre 73.0 riverside
02-Jun-2011 Thu Digoin nr St-Leger-sur-Dheune 90.2 field
01-Jun-2011 Wed Digoin (rest) 11.4 campsite
31-May-2011 Tue nr St-Aubin-sur-Loire Digoin 36.6 campsite
30-May-2011 Mon nr Chevenon nr St-Aubin-sur-Loire 101.8 woods
29-May-2011 Sun nr Sancerre nr Chevenon 87.9 field
28-May-2011 Sat Bonny-sur-Loire nr Sancerre 43.5 cyclepath
27-May-2011 Fri nr Jargeau Bonny-sur-Loire 81.6 campsite
26-May-2011 Thu nr Chambord nr Jargeau 99.3 riverside
25-May-2011 Wed nr Montlouis-sur-Loire nr Chambord 91.0 vineyard
24-May-2011 Tue Candes-St-Martin nr Montlouis-sur-Loire 97.4 vineyard
23-May-2011 Mon nr Gennes Candes-St-Martin 49.6 campsite
22-May-2011 Sun nr Chalonnes nr Gennes 66.2 field
21-May-2011 Sat Angers nr Chalonnes 46.0 Lenin Cafe
20-May-2011 Fri nr Lire Angers 83.2 campsite
19-May-2011 Thu Saint Nazaire nr Lire 97.0 field
18-May-2011 Wed nr Le Croisic Saint Nazaire 80.9 campsite
17-May-2011 Tue nr Piriac-sur-Mer nr Le Croisic 47.0 nr duckpond
16-May-2011 Mon nr Questembert nr Piriac-sur-Mer 84.4 cliff-tops
15-May-2011 Sun nr Josselin nr Questembert 48.7 cyclepath
14-May-2011 Sat nr Mael Carhaix nr Josselin 120.5 friend’s
13-May-2011 Fri Roscoff nr Mael Carhaix 87.0 cyclepath
12-May-2011 Thu rest (waiting for new trailer) 26.5 campsite
11-May-2011 Wed rest (waiting for new trailer) 23.0 campsite
10-May-2011 Tue rest (waiting for new trailer) 21.0 campsite
09-May-2011 Mon rest (waiting for new trailer) 5.5 campsite
08-May-2011 Sun Roscoff (France) Roscoff (campsite) 24.5 campsite
07-May-2011 Sat Blarney (Ireland) Ferry to Roscoff (France) 32.2 ferry
06-May-2011 Fri Clogheen Blarney (Ireland) 89.5 campsite
05-May-2011 Thu Cashel Clogheen 43.5 campsite
04-May-2011 Wed Durrow Cashel 63.9 campsite
03-May-2011 Tue Naas Durrow 79.1 family
02-May-2011 Mon Naas (rest) 0.0 family
01-May-2011 Sun Kells Naas 80.0 family
30-Apr-2011 Sat Katesbridge (N.Ireland) Kells (Republic of Ireland) 126.9 family
29-Apr-2011 Fri Maze Katesbridge 43.3 family
28-Apr-2011 Thu Maze (rest) 0.0 family
27-Apr-2011 Wed Maze (rest) 20.0 family
26-Apr-2011 Tue Maze (rest) 0.0 family
25-Apr-2011 Mon Maze (rest) 0.0 family
24-Apr-2011 Sun Maze (rest) 0.0 family
23-Apr-2011 Sat Stranraer (Scotland) Maze (N.Ireland) 40.0 family
22-Apr-2011 Fri Kirkcudbright Stranraer 110.1 campsite
21-Apr-2011 Thu Longtown Kirkcudbright 102.8 campsite
20-Apr-2011 Wed nr Carlisle (England) Longtown (Scotland) 87.1 campsite
19-Apr-2011 Tue Cartmell Fell nr Carlisle 71.7 campsite
18-Apr-2011 Mon Cartmell Fell (rest) 0.0 friend’s
17-Apr-2011 Sun Garstang Cartmell Fell 67.5 friend’s
16-Apr-2011 Sat Garstang (rest) 0.0 friend’s
15-Apr-2011 Fri Gargrave Garstang 64.2 friend’s
14-Apr-2011 Thu New Mills Gargrave 123.4 campsite
13-Apr-2011 Wed Pilsley New Mills 79.3 friend’s
12-Apr-2011 Tue Pilsley (rest) 0.0 family
11-Apr-2011 Mon Mapperley, Notts Pilsley 57.0 family
10-Apr-2011 Sun Mapperley (rest) 0.0 family
09-Apr-2011 Sat nr Melton Mowbray Mapperley, Notts 36.1 family
08-Apr-2011 Fri Silsoe, Luton nr Melton Mowbray 143.0 tent
07-Apr-2011 Thu Knaphill, Woking Silsoe, Luton 100.0 friend’s
06-Apr-2011 Wed home (South London) Knaphill, Woking 65.0 friend’s

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