2012 Daily Stats

Our touring in 2012 had us re-start from the UK and then took us to China, through Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and then to China. Chronologically, the page reads from the bottom up.

Date Day From To Kms overnight
      Total kms from 3-May-2012 to 30-Nov-2012 = 12,072.9  
01-Dec-2012 to
in England & N.Ireland 0.0 friends & family
30-Nov-2012 Fri Beijing (China) London (England) 0.0 friends
29-Nov-2012 Thu Fly out of Chengdu Beijing 0.0 plane
28-Nov-2012 Wed rest 0.0 apartment
27-Nov-2012 Tue rest 0.0 apartment
26-Nov-2012 Mon rest 0.0 apartment
25-Nov-2012 Sun rest (Panda Centre) 33.2 apartment
24-Nov-2012 Sat rest 0.0 apartment
23-Nov-2012 Fri 15km after G212 & G108 jnc Chengdu city (230km on truck) 39.9 apartment
22-Nov-2012 Thu stuck on R206 for 2nd night 15km after G212 & G108 jnc