2013 Daily Stats

This part of our trip took us from China, through Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand then a 1 month excursion into northern Malaysia before returning to Thailand for 3 months of DiveMaster training. Chronologically, the page reads from the bottom up.

Date Day From To Kms overnight
      Total kms from 10-Feb-2013 to 03-Jan-2014 = 10,267.7  
22-Oct-2013 to
Chalok Ban Kao Bay (Dive Master Training Course) 120.0 bungalow
21-Oct-2013 Mon Chalok (start DMT course) 9.0 change room
20-Oct-2013 Sun Chalok (diving) 0.0 beachfront bungalow
19-Oct-2013 Sat Koh Tao Chalok Baan Kao Bay 9.0 beachfront bungalow
18-Oct-2013 Fri 2km before Tha Sala Ferry to KohTao fm Surathani 128.0 ferry
17-Oct-2013 Thu 5km after Hua Sia 2km before Tha Sala 93.9 motel
16-Oct-2013 Wed 5km before Songkhla (Thailand) 5km after Hua Sia 113.8 motel
15-Oct-2013 Tue 10km after Alor Setar (Malaysia) 5km before Songkhla (Thailand) 115.9 guesthouse
14-Oct-2013 Mon Sungai Petani 10km after Alor Setar (Malaysia) 75.1 homestay
13-Oct-2013 Sun 12km before Sg Petani Sungai Petani 9.1 hotel
12-Oct-2013 Sat 30km before Gerik 12km before Sg Petani 110.6 camping
11-Oct-2013 Fri 30km after Jeli 30km before Gerik 65.7 camping
10-Oct-2013 Thu 28km before Jeli 30km after Jeli 60.7 camping
09-Oct-2013 Wed Kota Bharu 28km before Jeli 70.3 guesthouse
08-Oct-2013 Tue Perhentian Kecil Kota Bharu (by boat & bus) 0.0 guesthouse
27-Sep-2013 to
Perhentian Kecil (diving, snorkelling & resting) 0.0 island chalet
26-Sep-2013 Thu Kota Bharu Perhentian Kecil (by bus) 0.0 island chalet
25-Sep-2013 Wed Kota Bharu (sightseeing) 24.5 guesthouse
24-Sep-2013 Tue Kota Bharu (rest) 11.4 guesthouse
23-Sep-2013 Mon Kota Bharu (visa & blog) 0.0 guesthouse
22-Sep-2013 Sun Kota Bharu (Malaysia – visa & blog) 0.0 guesthouse
21-Sep-2013 Sat Narathiwat (Thailand) Kota Bharu (Malaysia) 71.6 guesthouse
20-Sep-2013 Fri Pattani Narathiwat (Thailand) 93.4 bungalow
19-Sep-2013 Thu 5km after Songkhla Pattani 106.9 guesthouse
18-Sep-2013 Wed 5km before Ranot 5km after Songkhla 94.2 bungalow
17-Sep-2013 Tue 2km after Tha Sala 5km before Ranot 117.2 guesthouse
16-Sep-2013 Mon Surathani 2km after Tha Sala 115.2 shag-den
15-Sep-2013 Sun Surathani (blogging) 12.6 hotel
14-Sep-2013 Sat 2km after Tha Chana Surathani 72.1 hotel
13-Sep-2013 Fri 4km after Sawi 2km after Tha Chana 87.2 bungalow
12-Sep-2013 Thu Bo Mao Beach 4km after Sawi 81.8 guesthouse
11-Sep-2013 Wed Ban Krut Bo Mao Beach 97.4 bungalow
10-Sep-2013 Tue Prachuap Kiri Khan Ban Krut 68.9 guesthouse
09-Sep-2013 Mon Prachuap KK (odd jobs) 0.0 guesthouse
08-Sep-2013 Sun Prachuap KK (Burmese mkt) 51.2 guesthouse
07-Sep-2013 Sat Prachuap KK (odd jobs) 0.0 guesthouse
06-Sep-2013 Fri Prachuap KK (bike brakes) 0.0 guesthouse
05-Sep-2013 Thu Prachuap KK (admin) 9.6 guesthouse
04-Sep-2013 Wed Pran Buri forest park Prachuap Kiri Khan 96.8 guesthouse
03-Sep-2013 Tue nr Pa-La-U waterfall Pran Buri forest park 80.9 campsite
02-Sep-2013 Mon nr Pa-La-U waterfall nr Pa-La-U waterfall 8.5 campsite
01-Sep-2013 Sun Hua Hin nr Pa-La-U waterfall 61.7 campsite
31-Aug-2013 Sat Hua Hin (bike fettling) 3.5 guesthouse
30-Aug-2013 Fri Hua Hin (Elephant Polo) 31.2 guesthouse
29-Aug-2013 Thu Hua Hin train station Hua Hin 30.4 guesthouse
28-Aug-2013 Wed Chumphon ferry pier Chumphon train station 27.7 train/beach
27-Aug-2013 Tue Chalok Baan Kao Bay Chumphon Ferry 12.1 ferry
02-Aug-2013 to
Chalok Baan Kao (diving, snorkelling & resting) 80.1 bungalow
01-Aug-2013 Thu Koh Tao Chalok Baan Kao Bay 17.5 bungalow
31-Jul-2013 Wed Thung Wua Lan Beach Ferry to Koh Tao 41.3 small ferry
30-Jul-2013 Tue Bo Mao Beach Thung Wua Lan Beach 25.3 beachside bungalow
29-Jul-2013 Mon Ban Krut Bo Mao Beach 96.9 beachside bungalow
28-Jul-2013 Sun Prachuab Kiri Khan Ban Krut 69.1 guesthouse
27-Jul-2013 Sat Prachuab Kiri Khan (rest) 9.0 hostel
26-Jul-2013 Fri Prachuab Kiri Khan (rest) 0.0 hostel
25-Jul-2013 Thu Prachuab Kiri Khan (rest) 19.7 hostel
24-Jul-2013 Wed Prachuab Kiri Khan (rest) 0.0 hostel
23-Jul-2013 Tue Prachuab Kiri Khan (rest) 0.0 hostel
22-Jul-2013 Mon Hua Hin Prachuap Kiri Khan 119.0 hostel
21-Jul-2013 Sun Hua Hin (rest & TdF) 3.7 guesthouse
20-Jul-2013 Sat Hua Hin (rest & TdF) 8.7 guesthouse
19-Jul-2013 Fri Hua Hin (rest & TdF) 0.0 guesthouse
18-Jul-2013 Thu Chao Samran Hua Hin 58.3 guesthouse
17-Jul-2013 Wed Samut Sakhon Chao Samran 104.5 guesthouse
16-Jul-2013 Tue Bangkok Samut Sakhon 63.4 guesthouse
15-Jul-2013 Mon Bangkok (shopping) 32.7 apartment
14-Jul-2013 Sun Bangkok (rest) 0.0 apartment
13-Jul-2013 Sat Bangkok (moving) 12.0 apartment
12-Jul-2013 Fri Bangkok (shopping) 26.7 shop-house
11-Jul-2013 Thu Bangkok (shopping) 39.1 shop-house
10-Jul-2013 Wed Bangkok (bike servicing) 0.0 shop-house
09-Jul-2013 Tue Bangkok (admin) 24.6 shop-house
08-Jul-2013 Mon Bangkok (admin) 0.0 shop-house
07-Jul-2013 Sun Bangkok (admin) 0.0 shop-house
06-Jul-2013 Sat Bangkok (moving) 16.3 shop-house
05-Jul-2013 Fri Bangkok (rest) 16.3 apartment
04-Jul-2013 Thu Bangkok (rest & Hash run) 16.5 apartment
03-Jul-2013 Wed Bangkok (rest) 0.0 apartment
02-Jul-2013 Tue Bangkok (fix computer) 0.0 apartment
01-Jul-2013 Mon Bangkok (sightseeing) 0.0 apartment
30-Jun-2013 Sun HuaHin (25km mtb Hash ride) 0.0 apartment
29-Jun-2013 Sat HuaHin (55km mtb Hash ride) 0.0 guesthouse
28-Jun-2013 Fri Bangkok (rest) 0.0 apartment
27-Jun-2013 Thu 50km before Bangkok Bangkok 54.6 apartment
26-Jun-2013 Wed 28km before SaKaeo (Thailand) 50km before Bangkok 154.0 woods
25-Jun-2013 Tue 15km before Sisophon (Cambodia) 28km before SaKaeo (Thailand) 100.0 motel
24-Jun-2013 Mon Siem Reap 15km before Sisophon (Cambodia) 89.2 field
23-Jun-2013 Sun Siem Reap (sightseeing) 38.2 hostel
22-Jun-2013 Sat Kampong Thom Siem Reap 152.5 hostel
21-Jun-2013 Fri 25km after PhnomPenh Kampong Thom 140.8 guesthouse
20-Jun-2013 Thu PhnomPenh (collect visa) 25km after PhnomPenh 45.5 field
19-Jun-2013 Wed PhnomPenh (sightseeing) 38.6 guesthouse
18-Jun-2013 Tue PhnomPenh (sightseeing) 19.7 guesthouse
17-Jun-2013 Mon PhnomPenh (Thai Visa App) 8.0 guesthouse
16-Jun-2013 Sun 50km before PhnomPenh PhnomPenh 54.0 guesthouse
15-Jun-2013 Sat 15km after Bavet (Cambodia) 50km before PhnomPenh 106.3 lane-side
14-Jun-2013 Fri HoChiMinh City (Vietnam) 15km after Bavet (Cambodia) 105.4 field
13-Jun-2013 Thu HoChiMinh (sightseeing) 17.0 hotel
12-Jun-2013 Wed HoChiMinh (sightseeing) 0.0 hotel
11-Jun-2013 Tue 12km before GiaRay HoChiMinh City (Vietnam) 116.6 hotel
10-Jun-2013 Mon MuiNe 12km before GiaRay 95.9 guesthouse
09-Jun-2013 Sun MuiNe (sightseeing) 33.0 hotel
08-Jun-2013 Sat MuiNe (rest & blog) 0.0 hotel
07-Jun-2013 Fri 10km before PhanRang MuiNe 159.7 hotel
06-Jun-2013 Thu 8km before NhaTrang 10km before PhanRang 107.1 trackside
05-Jun-2013 Wed 15km before TuyHoa 8km before NhaTrang 129.3 guesthouse
04-Jun-2013 Tue 5km after PhuCat 15km before TuyHoa 111.6 cratered field
03-Jun-2013 Mon 15kms after Quang Ngai 5km after PhuCat 132.9 riverside
02-Jun-2013 Sun Hoi An 15kms after Quang Ngai 141.5 small copse
01-Jun-2013 Sat Hoi An (sightseeing) 0.0 hotel
31-May-2013 Fri 50km before DaNang Hoi An 92.6 hotel
30-May-2013 Thu Hue 50km before DaNang 71.5 beach
29-May-2013 Wed Hue (sightseeing) 0.0 hotel
28-May-2013 Tue Hue (blog & computer fixing) 0.0 hotel
27-May-2013 Mon 30km before DongHa Hue 125.8 hotel
26-May-2013 Sun 10km before SonTrach 30km before DongHa 119.5 woodland
25-May-2013 Sat 40km before BaDon 10km before SonTrach 106.1 gravel area
24-May-2013 Fri 20km after Vinh (on coast) 40km before BaDon 127.9 grass area
23-May-2013 Thu 20km after Vinh (rest & blog) 0.0 hotel
22-May-2013 Wed 10km before Do Luong 20km after Vinh (on coast) 95.4 hotel
21-May-2013 Tue 8km after Yen Cat 10km before Do Luong 96.0 paddy fields
20-May-2013 Mon 9km before Lang Chanh 8km after Yen Cat 88.7 rubber plantation
19-May-2013 Sun Quan Son 9km before Lang Chanh 49.3 trackside
18-May-2013 Sat Quan Son (food poisoning recovery) 0.0 crumy guesthouse
17-May-2013 Fri 12km after NaMeo (Vietnam) Quan Son 41.4 crumy guesthouse
16-May-2013 Thu ViengXai (Laos) 12km after NaMeo (Vietnam) 70.6 rice paddy
15-May-2013 Wed 3km before SamNeua ViengXai (Laos) 41.4 guesthouse
14-May-2013 Tue 65km before SamNeua 3km before SamNeua 63.9 grass area
13-May-2013 Mon 20km before NamNeun 65km before SamNeua 55.0 grass area
12-May-2013 Sun 10km after Muang Kham 20km before NamNeun 53.5 valleytop
11-May-2013 Sat Phonsavan 10km after Muang Kham 64.1 clearing
10-May-2013 Fri Phonsavan (sightseeing) 66.3 guesthouse
09-May-2013 Thu Phonsavan (rest & blog) 6.2 guesthouse
08-May-2013 Wed 35km before Phonsavan Phonsavan 45.5 guesthouse
07-May-2013 Tue 30km before NamChat 35km before Phonsavan 75.6 field
06-May-2013 Mon 42km before PhuKhoun 30km before NamChat 67.1 valley top
05-May-2013 Sun 10km after Xiangngeun 42km before PhuKhoun 54.7 valley top
04-May-2013 Sat Luang Prabang 10km after Xiangngeun 34.8 semi-jungle
03-May-2013 Fri Luang Prabang (Visa extending) 0.0 guesthouse
02-May-2013 Thu Luang Prabang (Visa getting) 0.0 guesthouse
01-May-2013 Wed Luang Prabang (sightseeing) 0.0 guesthouse
30-Apr-2013 Tue Luang Prabang (rest & blog) 0.0 guesthouse
29-Apr-2013 Mon 15km before LuangPrabang Luang Prabang 33.4 guesthouse
28-Apr-2013 Sun 65km before LuangPrabang 15km before LuangPrabang 63.7 Mekong riverside
27-Apr-2013 Sat Nambak village 65km before LuangPrabang 60.1 shelter
26-Apr-2013 Fri Nambak (rest & bike service) 0.0 guesthouse
25-Apr-2013 Thu Nambak (rest & photo-renaming) 0.0 guesthouse
24-Apr-2013 Wed Nambak (rest & photo-renaming) 0.0 guesthouse
23-Apr-2013 Tue Nambak (rest & farm work) 0.0 guesthouse
22-Apr-2013 Mon 5km after Nong Khiaw Nambak village 19.7 guesthouse
21-Apr-2013 Sun edge of Muang Khoa 5km after Nong Khiaw (70km on boat) 6.4 riverside
20-Apr-2013 Sat 10km after OudomXai edge of Muang Khoa 96.8 riverside
19-Apr-2013 Fri 30km after Luang Nam Tha 10km after OudomXai 95.8 field
18-Apr-2013 Thu Luang Nam Tha 30km after Luang Nam Tha 34.6 shelter
17-Apr-2013 Wed Luang Nam Tha (blog) 0.0 guesthouse
16-Apr-2013 Tue Luang Nam Tha Trek 0.0 guesthouse
15-Apr-2013 Mon Luang Nam Tha Kayak 0.0 village hut
14-Apr-2013 Sun Luang Nam Tha Trek 0.0 jungle hut
13-Apr-2013 Sat Luang Nam Tha (rest) 0.0 guesthouse
12-Apr-2013 Fri Luang Nam Tha (rest) 0.0 guesthouse
11-Apr-2013 Thu Luang Nam Tha (rest) 0.0 guesthouse
10-Apr-2013 Wed 30km into Laos Luang Nam Tha town 29.5 guesthouse
09-Apr-2013 Tue Mengla (China) 30km into Laos 80.8 field
08-Apr-2013 Mon Mengla (rest & blog) 0.0 hotel
07-Apr-2013 Sun 8km after Mengxing Mengla (China) 76.1 hotel
06-Apr-2013 Sat 30km after Zhengdongzhen 8km after Mengxing 80.7 Rubber trees
05-Apr-2013 Fri 5km after Jiangcheng 30km after Zhengdongzhen 78.6 side of track
04-Apr-2013 Thu 45km before Jiangcheng 5km after Jiangcheng 54.1 side of track
03-Apr-2013 Wed 25km after Luchun 45km before Jiangcheng 89.6 roadside
02-Apr-2013 Tue 20km before Luchun 25km after Luchun 44.6 riverside
01-Apr-2013 Mon 5km after Xinjiezhen 20km before Luchun 68.9 scenic area
31-Mar-2013 Sun 25km before Yuanyang 5km after Xinjiezhen 60.3 roadside
30-Mar-2013 Sat nr Xiangmu Bridge on s214 25km before Yuanyang 96.0 hillside
29-Mar-2013 Fri Tonghai nr Xiangmu Bridge on s214 40.2 fields
28-Mar-2013 Thu Tonghai (wait for laptop fix) 0.0 hotel
27-Mar-2013 Wed Fuxian Lake Tonghai 55.2 hotel
26-Mar-2013 Tue Kunming Fuxian Lake 91.4 lakeside
25-Mar-2013 Mon Kunming (rest & sightseeing) 54.7 apartment
24-Mar-2013 Sun Kunming (rest & blog) 15.3 apartment
23-Mar-2013 Sat Kunming (rest & blog) 0.0 apartment
22-Mar-2013 Fri 5km after Yangjie Kunming 90.2 apartment
21-Mar-2013 Thu 130km?? from Kunming 5km after Yangjie 76.6 field
20-Mar-2013 Wed 180km?? from Kunming 130km?? from Kunming 41.3 scrubground
19-Mar-2013 Tue 20km into Yunnan Prov S212 180km?? from Kunming 82.2 scrubground
18-Mar-2013 Mon 15km after Puge on S212 20km into Yunnan Prov S212 88.9 clearing
17-Mar-2013 Sun 3km before Daqing on S212 15km after Puge on S212 71.6 field
16-Mar-2013 Sat Xichang 3km before Daqing on S212 25.1 clearing
15-Mar-2013 Fri Xichang (rest & blog) 0.0 hotel
14-Mar-2013 Thu 100km before Xichang Xichang 109.8 hotel
13-Mar-2013 Wed 15km after ShiMian 100km before Xichang 57.7 by track
12-Mar-2013 Tue 45km after Luding 15km after ShiMian 69.6 on terrace
11-Mar-2013 Mon 30km before Luding 45km after Luding 73.5 road edge
10-Mar-2013 Sun 35km other side of Danba 30km before Luding 85.0 in bushes
09-Mar-2013 Sat 25km after Danba 35km other side of Danba 105.5 old hut
08-Mar-2013 Fri Danba town 25km after Danba 25.5 riverside
07-Mar-2013 Thu rest (blog update) 0.0 hostel
06-Mar-2013 Wed rest (blog update) 0.0 hostel
05-Mar-2013 Tue rest (blog update) 0.0 hostel
04-Mar-2013 Mon rest (blog update) 0.0 hostel
03-Mar-2013 Sun 35km before Danba on s303 Danba town 33.6 hostel
02-Mar-2013 Sat 84km before Xiaojin on s210 35km before Danba on s303 109.6 riverside orchard
01-Mar-2013 Fri 4km after G317 & S210 jnct 84km before Xiaojin on s210 44.1 riverside
28-Feb-2013 Thu 8km after Mayiluo 4km after G317 & S210 jnct 76.2 riverside
27-Feb-2013 Wed 35km after Lixian 8km after Mayiluo 37.6 beside Stupa
26-Feb-2013 Tue 32km before Lixian 35km after Lixian 67.5 riverside
25-Feb-2013 Mon 35km before Wenchuan 32km before Lixian 63.6 brick enclosure
24-Feb-2013 Sun 5km after Dujiangyan 35km before Wenchuan 65.4 riverside
23-Feb-2013 Sat edge of city on main road 5km after Dujiangyan 52.3 grass patch
22-Feb-2013 Fri Chengdu edge of city on main road 35.8 office-block
10-Feb-2013 to
in Chengdu (China) 0.0 friend’s apartment
01-Dec-2012 to
in England & N.Ireland 0.0 friends & family

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