2014 & 2015 Daily Stats

In 2014, we toured through Thailand, Laos and Malaysia (where we spent 5 months on Tioman Island) before then flying to China for some touring there. Chronologically, the page reads from the bottom up.
Page last updated on 23-Mar-2015.

Date Day From To Kms overnight
      Total kms from 6-April-2011 to 22-Mar-2015 = 46,366.4  
22-Mar-2015 Sun Bangil Probolinggo 63.4 hotel
21-Mar-2015 Sat Nganjuk Bangil 118.9 hotel
20-Mar-2015 Fri Sragen Nganjuk 111.3 hotel
19-Mar-2015 Thu Yogyakarta Sragen 102.7 hotel
18-Mar-2015 Wed Yogyakarta (sightseeing) 0.0 hotel
17-Mar-2015 Tue 70km before Yogyakarta Yogyakarta 65.6 hotel
16-Mar-2015 Mon Cilacap 70km before Yogyakarta 110.7 field nr Indian Ocean
15-Mar-2015 Sun Tasikmalaya Cilacap 137.2 hotel
14-Mar-2015 Sat Bandung Tasikmalaya 109.5 smelly hotel
13-Mar-2015 Fri Cianjur Bandung 70.4 hotel
12-Mar-2015 Thu Bogor Cianjur 61.9 guesthouse
11-Mar-2015 Wed Jakarta Bogor 55.5 hotel
10-Mar-2015 Tue Jakarta (sightseeing) 43.7 hotel
09-Mar-2015 Mon Jakarta (Indonesia) 3.2 hotel
08-Mar-2015 Sun KL airport (Malaysia) Jakarta (Indonesia) 38.4 hostel
07-Mar-2015 Sat Kuala Lumpur (packing) 2.6 apartment
06-Mar-2015 Fri Kuala Lumpur 36.7 apartment
05-Mar-2015 Thu Bentong Kuala Lumpur 75.1 friend’s
04-Mar-2015 Wed 2km after Sungai Koyan Bentong 82.9 hotel
03-Mar-2015 Tue Tanah Rata 2km after Sungai Koyan 98.1 plantation
02-Mar-2015 Mon Tanah Rata (guided trip & trek) 0.0 hotel
01-Mar-2015 Sun Kampung Raja Tanah Rata 19.8 hotel
28-Feb-2015 Sat Simpang Pulai Kampung Raja 62.0 hotel
27-Feb-2015 Fri Taiping Simpang Pulai 95.8 hotel
26-Feb-2015 Thu Simpang Ampat Taiping 68.5 friend’s
25-Feb-2015 Wed Simpang Ampat 0.0 friend’s
24-Feb-2015 Tue George Town Simpang Ampat 37.5 friend’s
23-Feb-2015 Mon George Town (planning) 0.0 hotel
22-Feb-2015 Sun George Town (planning) 0.0 hotel
21-Feb-2015 Sat George Town (planning) 0.0 hotel
20-Feb-2015 Fri George Town (island circuit) 87.9 hotel
19-Feb-2015 Thu George Town (CNY hunting) 0.0 hotel
18-Feb-2015 Wed George Town (visa collect) 10.6 hotel
17-Feb-2015 Tue George Town (visa app) 11.4 hotel
16-Feb-2015 Mon Simpang Ampat George Town 39.0 hotel
08-Feb-2015 to
Simpang Ampat (mostly being lazy) 28.4 friend’s
07-Feb-2015 Sat Taiping Simpang Ampat 94.0 friend’s
06-Feb-2015 Fri Pantai Remis Taiping 55.9 friend’s
05-Feb-2015 Thu Teluk Intan Pantai Remis 91.4 hotel
04-Feb-2015 Wed Sungai Besar Teluk Intan 48.3 hotel
03-Feb-2015 Tue Kuala Selangor Sungai Besar 57.0 hotel
02-Feb-2015 Mon Kuala Lumpur Kuala Selangor 83.1 house
22-Jan-2015 to
Kuala Lumpur (detox, blog, admin & stuff) 55.4 apartment
21-Jan-2015 Wed Kota Warisan Kuala Lumpur 65.6 apartment
20-Jan-2015 Tue Kuala Lumpur airport (Malaysia) Kota Warisan 15.9 hotel
19-Jan-2015 Mon Chengdu Chengdu airport (China) 0.0 on plane
26-Dec-2014 to
Chengdu (admin, rest, fettling & feasting) 64.9 apartment
25-Dec-2014 Thu Chengdu (Christmas) 8.7 apartment
24-Dec-2014 Wed 20km after Meishan Chengdu 80.2 apartment
23-Dec-2014 Tue Leshan 20km after Meishan 103.1 field
22-Dec-2014 Mon Leshan (sightseeing) 9.4 hotel
21-Dec-2014 Sun 35km before Leshan Leshan 39.5 hotel
20-Dec-2014 Sat 10km after Zigong 35km before Leshan 83.6 lane-side
19-Dec-2014 Fri Guiyang (600km on bus) 10km after Zigong 15.0 lane-side
18-Dec-2014 Thu Guiyang (south) Guiyang (north) 27.6 hotel
17-Dec-2014 Wed Guiyang 0.0 hotel
16-Dec-2014 Tue Guiyang (bus investigation) 9.7 hotel
15-Dec-2014 Mon 3km before Guiding Guiyang 91.4 hotel
14-Dec-2014 Sun 15km after Qiannan 3km before Guiding 70.9 field
13-Dec-2014 Sat 10km after Dushan 15km after Qiannan 74.7 lane-side
12-Dec-2014 Fri 2km after Lalai on G210 10km after Dushan 83.2 field
11-Dec-2014 Thu 25km before Nandan 2km after Lalai on G210 71.9 field
10-Dec-2014 Wed Hechi 25km before Nandan 63.1 field
09-Dec-2014 Tue 60km before Hechi Hechi 60.1 hotel
08-Dec-2014 Mon 35km after Liuzhou on G322 60km before Hechi 98.1 lane-side
07-Dec-2014 Sun 5km after Luzhai on G323 35km after Liuzhou on G322 78.7 field
06-Dec-2014 Sat 25km after Lipu 5km after Luzhai on G323 75.8 woods
05-Dec-2014 Fri Yangshuo 25km after Lipu 64.8 tent
04-Dec-2014 Thu Yangshuo (sightseeing) 0.0 guesthouse
03-Dec-2014 Wed Yangshuo (rain all day) 0.0 guesthouse
02-Dec-2014 Tue Guilin Yangshuo 67.6 guesthouse
01-Dec-2014 Mon Guilin (r&r) 0.0 hotel
30-Nov-2014 Sun Guilin (r&r) 0.0 hotel
29-Nov-2014 Sat KL airport (Malaysia) Guilin (China) 33.1 hotel
28-Nov-2014 Fri Kuala Lumpur (packing) KL airport 0.0 KL airport
27-Nov-2014 Thu Kuala Lumpur 8.4 apartment
26-Nov-2014 Wed Kuala Lumpur 11.4 apartment
25-Nov-2014 Tue Kuala Lumpur 10.7 friend’s
24-Nov-2014 Mon Kuala Lumpur 0.0 friend’s
23-Nov-2014 Sun Kuala Lumpur 0.0 friend’s
22-Nov-2014 Sat Kuala Lumpur (agric show) 20.4 friend’s
21-Nov-2014 Fri Kuala Lumpur (tablet shopping) 6.0 friend’s
20-Nov-2014 Thu Kuala Lumpur (visa collection) 28.4 friend’s
19-Nov-2014 Wed Kuala Lumpur (map-case shopping) 60.3 friend’s
18-Nov-2014 Tue Kuala Lumpur 25.3 friend’s
17-Nov-2014 Mon Kuala Lumpur (Chinese Visa App) 18.9 WarmShowers
16-Nov-2014 Sun Kuala Lumpur 9.3 WarmShowers
15-Nov-2014 Sat 16km after Klawang Kuala Lumpur 62.3 WarmShowers
14-Nov-2014 Fri Bahau 16km after Klawang 81.8 camping
13-Nov-2014 Thu Bahau (rest & admin) 0.0 hotel
12-Nov-2014 Wed Bahau (rest & admin) 0.0 hotel
11-Nov-2014 Tue Muadzam Shah Bahau 98.4 hotel
10-Nov-2014 Mon Rompin Muadzam Shah 77.4 hotel
09-Nov-2014 Sun Mersing Rompin 62.8 hotel
08-Nov-2014 Sat Mersing (admin) 0.0 hotel
07-Nov-2014 Fri Mersing (admin) 0.0 hotel
06-Nov-2014 Thu Mersing (bike service) 0.0 hotel
05-Nov-2014 Wed Singapore Mersing 0.0 hotel
04-Nov-2014 Tue Mersing Singapore 0.0 friend’s
03-Nov-2014 Mon ABC, Tioman (pack & leave) Mersing 2.6 hotel
08-Oct-2014 to
ABC, Tioman (EcoDiver Course, FunDiving & Trekking) 240.4 chalet
07-Oct-2014 Tue Mersing ABC, Tioman 2.6 chalet
06-Oct-2014 Mon Singapore Mersing 0.0 hotel
05-Oct-2014 Sun Singapore (tourists) 0.0 friend’s
04-Oct-2014 Sat Singapore (tourists) 0.0 friend’s
03-Oct-2014 Fri Singapore (shopping) 0.0 friend’s
02-Oct-2014 Thu Singapore (shopping) 0.0 friend’s
01-Oct-2014 Wed ABC, Tioman Singapore 2.6 friend’s
12-Jul-2014 to
ABC, Tioman (diving & passport renewal) 240.3 chalet
11-Jul-2014 Fri Mersing ABC, Tioman 1.3 chalet
10-Jul-2014 Thu Singapore Mersing 0.0 hotel
09-Jul-2014 Wed Singapore (shopping) 0.0 friend’s
08-Jul-2014 Tue ABC, Tioman Singapore 0.0 friend’s
11-Jun-2014 to
ABC, Tioman (mostly diving) 88.0 chalet
10-Jun-2014 Tue Mersing ABC, Tioman 1.3 chalet
09-Jun-2014 Mon Kuala Lumpur Mersing 0.0 overnight coach
08-Jun-2014 Sun KL (Dive Expo) 0.0 friend’s
07-Jun-2014 Sat KL (Dive Expo) 0.0 friend’s
06-Jun-2014 Fri KL (Dive Expo) 0.0 friend’s
05-Jun-2014 Thu ABC, Tioman Kuala Lumpur (by coach) 0.0 friend’s
04-Jun-2014 Wed ABC, Tioman (diving) 1.3 chalet
03-Jun-2014 Tue ABC, Tioman (diving) 1.3 chalet
02-Jun-2014 Mon ABC, Tioman (diving) 10.4 chalet
01-Jun-2014 Sun ABC, Tioman (diving) 1.3 chalet
31-May-2014 Sat ABC, Tioman (diving) 2.6 chalet
30-May-2014 Fri ABC, Tioman (diving) 2.6 chalet
29-May-2014 Thu ABC, Tioman (diving) 1.3 chalet
28-May-2014 Wed Tekek, Tioman ABC, Tioman (move house) 12.9 chalet
27-May-2014 Tue Tekek (house hunting) 20.9 chalet
26-May-2014 Mon Tekek (job shadowing) 8.1 chalet
25-May-2014 Sun Tekek (blog) 19.4 chalet
24-May-2014 Sat Tekek (diving) 15.5 chalet
23-May-2014 Fri Tekek (revision) 8.8 chalet
22-May-2014 Thu Tekek (revision) 10.4 chalet
21-May-2014 Wed Tekek, Tioman (trek) 14.3 chalet
20-May-2014 Tue Mersing Tekek, Pulau Tioman 20.9 chalet
19-May-2014 Mon Kluang Mersing 91.7 hotel
18-May-2014 Sun Batu Pahat Kluang 63.7 hotel
17-May-2014 Sat Muar Batu Pahat 60.2 hotel
16-May-2014 Fri Malaka Muar 52.4 hotel
15-May-2014 Thu Malaka (sightseeing) 0.0 Ringo’s Foyer
14-May-2014 Wed Malaka (CV writing) 8.1 Ringo’s Foyer
13-May-2014 Tue Malaka (festival day) 0.0 Ringo’s Foyer
12-May-2014 Mon Port Dickson Malaka 99.1 Ringo’s Foyer
11-May-2014 Sun Cheras Port Dickson 87.4 hotel
10-May-2014 Sat Cheras (admin) 0.0 hotel
09-May-2014 Fri Kuala Lumpur Cheras 29.3 hotel
08-May-2014 Thu Kuala Lumpur (shopping) 0.0 friend’s
07-May-2014 Wed Kuala Lumpur (shopping) 12.2 friend’s
06-May-2014 Tue Slim River Kuala Lumpur 103.0 friend’s
05-May-2014 Mon Ipoh Slim River 102.1 hotel
04-May-2014 Sun Ipoh (sightseeing) 16.6 hotel
03-May-2014 Sat Taiping Ipoh 90.4 hotel
02-May-2014 Fri Taiping (rest) 5.2 friend’s
01-May-2014 Thu Taiping (rest) 15.6 friend’s
30-Apr-2014 Wed Taiping (rest) 4.2 friend’s
29-Apr-2014 Tue Taiping (admin) 14.6 friend’s
28-Apr-2014 Mon Simpang Ampat Taiping 70.6 friend’s
27-Apr-2014 Sun Simpang Ampat (rest) 0.0 friend’s
26-Apr-2014 Sat Simpang Ampat (rest) 0.0 friend’s
25-Apr-2014 Fri Simpang Ampat (rest) 0.0 friend’s
24-Apr-2014 Thu Simpang Ampat (rest) 0.0 friend’s
23-Apr-2014 Wed Georgetown, Penang Simpang Ampat 37.9 friend’s
22-Apr-2014 Tue Georgetown (Penang Hill) 22.4 guesthouse
21-Apr-2014 Mon Georgetown (sightseeing) 0.0 guesthouse
20-Apr-2014 Sun Georgetown (sightseeing) 0.0 guesthouse
19-Apr-2014 Sat Georgetown (sightseeing) 0.0 guesthouse
18-Apr-2014 Fri 12km before Sg Petani Georgetown, Penang 52.9 guesthouse
17-Apr-2014 Thu Alor Setar (Malaysia) 12km before Sg Petani 56.9 hotel
16-Apr-2014 Wed Wang Prachan (Thailand) Alor Setar (Malaysia) 85.0 hotel
15-Apr-2014 Tue Satun Wang Prachan (Thailand) 44.2 Nat.Park room
14-Apr-2014 Mon La-Ngu Satun 65.4 bungalow
13-Apr-2014 Sun Yan Ta Khao La-Ngu 107.1 bungalow
12-Apr-2014 Sat Hat Yao Yan Ta Khao 67.4 hotel
11-Apr-2014 Fri Hat Yao (blog & chores) 0.0 bungalow
10-Apr-2014 Thu Hat Yao (boat trip) 0.0 bungalow
09-Apr-2014 Wed 30km after Krabi Hat Yao 96.1 bungalow
08-Apr-2014 Tue 55km before Krabi 30km after Krabi 87.7 bungalow
07-Apr-2014 Mon Khao Sok 55km before Krabi 100.2 bungalow
06-Apr-2014 Sun Khao Sok (lake & cave) 0.0 bungalow on stilts
05-Apr-2014 Sat Khao Sok (elephants & safari) 0.0 bungalow on stilts
04-Apr-2014 Fri 4km after Takua Pa Khao Sok National Park 41.8 bungalow on stilts
03-Apr-2014 Thu Suk Samran 4km after Takua Pa 85.9 bungalow
02-Apr-2014 Wed Ranong Suk Samran 91.8 bungalow
01-Apr-2014 Tue Chumphon Ranong 123.4 bungalow
31-Mar-2014 Mon Bang Saphan Chumphon 111.7 hostel
30-Mar-2014 Sun Prachuap Kiri Khan Bang Saphan 85.2 bungalow
29-Mar-2014 Sat Prachuap Kiri Khan (rest) 11.9 guesthouse
28-Mar-2014 Fri nr Pranburi Prachuap Kiri Khan 95.6 guesthouse
27-Mar-2014 Thu Petchaburi nr Pranburi 93.5 bungalow
26-Mar-2014 Wed Ratchaburi Petchaburi 78.7 hotel
25-Mar-2014 Tue Kanchanaburi Ratchaburi 83.8 hotel
24-Mar-2014 Mon Kanchanaburi (sightseeing) 31.2 hotel
23-Mar-2014 Sun Suphanburi Kanchanaburi 104.9 hotel
22-Mar-2014 Sat 4km after Chai Nat Suphanburi 94.9 motel
21-Mar-2014 Fri Nakon Sawan 4km after Chai Nat 92.8 bungalow
20-Mar-2014 Thu Kamphaeng Phet Nakon Sawan 125.6 motel
19-Mar-2014 Wed Kamphaeng Phet (sightseeing) 8.0 hotel
18-Mar-2014 Tue 44km before Tak Kamphaeng Phet 121.1 hotel
17-Mar-2014 Mon Li 44km before Tak 116.5 hotel
16-Mar-2014 Sun Hang Dong (nr ChangMai) Li 116.1 bungalow
03-Mar-2014 to
Hang Dong (admin, rest & fettling) 112.6 friend’s
02-Mar-2014 Sun Hang Dong (nr ChangMai) 66.7 friend’s
01-Mar-2014 Sat Ban Hong Hang Dong (nr ChangMai) 64.5 friend’s
28-Feb-2014 Fri Thoen Ban Hong 117.8 guesthouse
27-Feb-2014 Thu Thung Saliam Thoen 65.2 bungalow
26-Feb-2014 Wed Kong KraiLat Thung Saliam 95.2 hotel
25-Feb-2014 Tue Bang Munnak Kong KraiLat 149.5 bungalow
24-Feb-2014 Mon Bueng Samphan Bang Munnak 109.5 guesthouse
23-Feb-2014 Sun Chaiyaphum Bueng Samphan 142.9 guesthouse
22-Feb-2014 Sat Chaiyaphum (resting) 0.0 hotel
21-Feb-2014 Fri Bua Yai Chaiyaphum 74.2 hotel
20-Feb-2014 Thu Phayakkhaphum Phisai Bua Yai 94.0 hotel
19-Feb-2014 Wed Yasothan Phayakkhaphum Phisai 129.8 guesthouse
18-Feb-2014 Tue Ubon Ratchathani Yasothan 102.6 guesthouse
17-Feb-2014 Mon Kham Khuean Kaeo (Thailand) Ubon Ratchathani 91.2 hotel
16-Feb-2014 Sun Champasak (Laos) Kham Khuean Kaeo (Thailand) 79.3 guesthouse
15-Feb-2014 Sat Champasak (sightseeing) 18.9 guesthouse
14-Feb-2014 Fri Pakse Champasak (Laos) 58.2 guesthouse
13-Feb-2014 Thu Paksong Pakse 57.1 guesthouse
12-Feb-2014 Wed Salavan Paksong 84.6 guesthouse
11-Feb-2014 Tue 3km after NaPong Salavan 76.1 guesthouse
10-Feb-2014 Mon Ban Pakxong 3km after NaPong 120.8 guesthouse
09-Feb-2014 Sun Savannakhet Ban Pakxong 81.2 guesthouse
08-Feb-2014 Sat Thakhet Savannakhet 129.2 guesthouse
07-Feb-2014 Fri 2km before Ban NakHua Thakhet 124.2 guesthouse
06-Feb-2014 Thu ThaPhabol 2km before Ban NakHua 128.6 guesthouse
05-Feb-2014 Wed Vientiane ThaPhabol 95.4 guesthouse
04-Feb-2014 Tue Vientiane (visa collection) 15.7 guesthouse
03-Feb-2014 Mon Vientiane (visa application) 8.8 guesthouse
02-Feb-2014 Sun Phunhung Vientiane 81.4 guesthouse
01-Feb-2014 Sat Vang Vieng Phunhung 96.9 guesthouse
31-Jan-2014 Fri Vang Vieng (rest & research) 3.5 guesthouse
30-Jan-2014 Thu Kasi Vang Vieng 59.5 guesthouse
29-Jan-2014 Wed KeiwKacham Kasi 94.4 guesthouse
28-Jan-2014 Tue Luang Prabang KeiwKacham 79.9 guesthouse
27-Jan-2014 Mon Luang Prabang (sightseeing) 60.0 guesthouse
26-Jan-2014 Sun Luang Prabang (rest & blog) 0.0 guesthouse
25-Jan-2014 Sat Nambak village Luang Prabang 123.6 guesthouse
24-Jan-2014 Fri Nong Khiaw Nambak village 27.1 guesthouse
23-Jan-2014 Thu Muang Khoa Nong Khiaw (5hrs on boat) 1.1 guesthouse
22-Jan-2014 Wed OudomXai Muang Khoa 101.6 guesthouse
21-Jan-2014 Tue Muang Beng OudomXai 68.9 guesthouse
20-Jan-2014 Mon Pak Beng Muang Beng 80.9 guesthouse
19-Jan-2014 Sun Huay Xai (Laos) Pak Beng (6hrs on boat) 2.0 guesthouse
18-Jan-2014 Sat Chiang Khong (Thailand) Huay Xai (Laos) 30.4 guesthouse
17-Jan-2014 Fri Chang Rai Chiang Khong (Thailand) 107.7 guesthouse
16-Jan-2014 Thu Chang Rai (sightseeing) 41.7 guesthouse
15-Jan-2014 Wed Ban Mae Chedi Chang Rai 107.0 guesthouse
14-Jan-2014 Tue Hang Dong Ban Mae Chedi 109.0 guesthouse
13-Jan-2014 Mon Hang Dong (kit prep) 16.6 friend’s
12-Jan-2014 Sun Hang Dong (admin) 5.2 friend’s
11-Jan-2014 Sat Hang Dong (sightseeing) 0.0 friend’s
10-Jan-2014 Fri Hang Dong (MTB’ing) 0.0 friend’s
09-Jan-2014 Thu Hang Dong (shopping) 12.7 friend’s
08-Jan-2014 Wed Hang Dong (nr ChangMai) 52.1 friend’s
07-Jan-2014 Tue ChangMai train station Hang Dong (nr ChangMai) 28.5 friend’s
06-Jan-2014 Mon Bangkok train station Bangkok to ChangMai train (17hrs) 1.0 hard train seat
05-Jan-2014 Sun Chumphon Ferry pier Chumpon to Bangkok train (9hrs) 12.0 hard train seat
04-Jan-2014 Sat Chalok Chumphon Ferry 10.0 ferry deck
10-Feb-2013 to
China to Thailand click here for daily details 10,267.7 all sorts
01-Dec-2012 to
in England & N.Ireland 0.0 friends & family
01-Apr-2012 to
UK to China click here for daily details 12,072.9 all sorts
24-Oct-2011 to
N.Ireland house renovation 0.0 friends & family
06-Apr-2011 to
UK to Russia with much of the route on EuroVelo Route-6 click here for daily details 11,561.7 all sorts