First week on the road 6 – 12 April 2011

By Keith

So we’re on the road and this is what we look like …

On the road at last!

On the road at last!

Tamar & I left Croydon as intended on 6th April 2011 … although a number of hours later than intended. On the evening of the 6th, we got as far as Knaphill, Woking, Thursday 7th April took us from Knaphill, across the Chilterns to Silsoe, Bedfordshire (halfway between Luton & Bedford). Friday was a tough day, from Silsoe to Nottingham, but we stopped about 20 miles short of Nottingham and found a suitable spot for our tent at about 9pm. On Saturday we finished off our ride into Nottingham, where we ate, drank and made merriment for the next 2 days.

Monday 11th took us across into Derbyshire and a bit more merriment & rest.

On Wednesday we’ll set off across the Peak District, to New Mills near Manchester.

Sideview of the bike & trailer looks like this …

In Silsoe with Liz and Bob (behind the lens).

In Silsoe with Liz and Bob (behind the lens).

Author: Keith Coffey

16 responses to “First week on the road 6 – 12 April 2011

  1. Well done guys, you've made it across london in one piece! Surely the rest of the world will be easy now.

  2. You would cover a lot greater distances if you wore aero helmets. More useful tips later. Yours , Chester Dragstrip.

  3. Good work you two! Glad the weather has been kind to you so far. You just need to save up for some decent water bottles now…only joking!!

  4. You both look wonderful and I am sure you have turned a few heads:-)

  5. Good to see you are doing well! So lucky with the weather but maybe too hot! What are the comments from motorists/ciclysts you pass by? Keep going ……. a long way to go πŸ™‚

  6. Well done guys. Stay safe and enjoy what is going to be the experience of as lifetime. John.

  7. Your great adventure has begun – well done. And you didn't manage to leave exactly on time – well there's a surprise πŸ™‚

  8. Loving the bike! Have a great adventure! Looking forward to the reports

  9. have fun see u when u get xoxoxoxxxxox

  10. It's been a bit quiet. Where are you now and what's the bike review so far! I'm still not convinced about that sitting with legs sticking out in front Tamar. Seems un-natural to me – but I'm old and set in my ways.
    Keep safe, keep on the right road, and watch-out for those contour-lines Mr Coffey!

  11. Sorry its taken so long after meeting you both in Keswick on the 19th April but your adventure was all we taked about for the next week. Were so impressed with your achievement so far, will be keeping an eye on your progress. Good luck and best wishes, Mick & Anne.

  12. Sainsbury's Friday Lunchtime Club

    Hope the adventure is going well. We have been wondering where you are. FYI… We still haven’t found a replacement for The ClockHouse.

  13. Hello, I met you both in Ambleside, Cumbria on a 'sunny and hilly' day. I am always impressed with folks who are not afraid to follow their dreams, particularly such arduous ones. I'll be following you online. Best wishes GaryL

  14. Watching with envy from Singapore. All the best.

  15. Has something gone wrong with your blog.

    • Hi Brenda, no, nothing’s wrong, we’re just trying to import the blog posts from our 2011 travels which are on Keith’s cycling club website. Unfortunately neither of us ‘speak geek’ sufficiently well to really understand what we’re doing and more critically how to do it without sending out emails of the old blog posts to our subscribers to our current blog.

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