Lisburn to Cork 28 April – 7 May 2011

By Keith

We spent Easter with my parents and stayed on there till Thursday 28th April.  On Friday 29th, we loaded up, and moved it out.  The weather continued to be beautiful and we made our way to my brother’s home, just about 20 miles away.  Saturday 30th was quite a long day in terms of miles but we chose a fairly flat route and we had a stiff breeze on our backs and covered the 125kms to Kells (Co Meath) in just under 5½ hours (highest average speed to date of 23.5kmph).  In Kells, we spent the night with family of mine.  One remarkable thing about Ireland though, was the number of people openly happy to see us on our bike as we trundle along and so many wave, smile or hoot their horn, or somefolk that do all three !!

Sunday 1st May took us from Kells to Naas (Co Kildare) to the home of another brother of mine and we then stayed there on Monday as well, again, trying to let our bodies catch up.  Tuesday 3rd took us south to Durrow (Co Laois) and again the wind blew us along, but so far no rain, but the forecast was telling us that was all about to change.  Wednesday 4th we rode to Cashel and while it was only drizzling as we left Durrow, by the time we were only a short way along the road, it was bucketing down and we arrived in Cashel soaked but found the campsite just as there came a reasonable clearing in the rain, so putting the tent up didn’t seem as horrible an idea as it had less than an hour earlier.  Tuesday night had been spent with another uncle, but that was the last family or friend hospitality that we’d be able to get, bar one night that we might be able to get in Brittany, France.  So now we started being tourists, and on Thursday morning we did a tour of the Rock of Cashel, before continuing south to Clogheen.  More rain, but not as heavy as Wednesday and then on Friday we got to the village of Blarney, just outside Cork.

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle

Saturday morning, we did the Blarney Castle visit and kissed the Blarney Stone to help us with eloquent words for the rest of our days (and perhaps to help us sweet-talk various border guards that we might meet on our travels) and then on Saturday afternoon, we got the overnight ferry from Cork to Roscoff in France.

Keith hoping for the gift of the gab.

Keith hoping for the gift of the gab.

4 responses to “Lisburn to Cork 28 April – 7 May 2011

  1. Good to speak to you this evening. I'm really impressed that your doing all this training for the National 24Hr TT this year, your sure to do well!

  2. It has to rain in Ireland doesn't it? Enjoyed reading your blog. Take care.

  3. I just looked at a photo of the Rock of Cashel and was delighted to see that it was exactly as I remembered from the 60's. I see the "elf" have changed things at Blarney. When I went the hole was not protected with a grill not were there hand rails, so not everything is unchanging!! Preserve your knees and ankles now you are not up against any deadlines, cheers

  4. I thought you had kissed that stone many years ago Keith…

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