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Applying for an Indonesian Visa in Penang 17-18 February 2015

A number of people have told us that Georgetown is the place to go when applying for an Indonesian visa in Malaysia, particularly if you want a 60 day visa.  Apparently the embassy in KL stopped issuing 60 day visas a few years ago.

PleaseNotAnotherTravelBlog has a load of usefeul info on getting to the consulate in Georgetown and dress code, which we won’t duplicate; instead we’re focussing on the process, filling in the form and what documents you need.

The process has changed slightly in so much as there is no longer a ticketed queuing system: just ignore all the people sitting around, make your way to a counter and join the haphazard line of people milling around there, ask for an application form, and then when you’ve filled it in, make your way back to a counter and hand it over.

The first few questions on the form (what type of visa, your name, passport details etc) are fairly straightforward.  After this we started skipping bits, notably we left the following sections blank:

  • Occupation in Indonesia (this is only needed if you’re applying for a Limited Stay Visa and want to work in Indonesia)
  • Address of Office/Occupation
  • Address of Residence in Indonesia
  • Name of Sponsor/Reference
  • Address of Sponsor/Reference

Because the form doesn’t ask about your length of stay, in the Reason For Applying section we put Tourism – 60 Day Visit, we also pointed out to the lady behind the counter that we wanted 60 days.

For the supporting documentation we each provided:

  • A photo (NB – this has to be on a RED background)
  • A photocopy of our passport (info page only, not whole thing)
  • A photocopy of our most recent bank statements (this was in lieu of return tickets from Indonesia – we explained we would be travelling by boat and they were happy to accept the bank statement as evidence we had the means to leave the country)

We did NOT provide: 

  • Letter of Reference
  • Letter of Approval from Jakarta Immigration Office
  • Personal Particular of Applicant (Biodata)
  • Photocopy of Return Ticket

Photographs and photocopying can be done across the road (about 150m further along) in the Midlands Park Centre.

Applications are accepted Monday – Friday in the morning (9:00 – 12:00) and our visas were available the next morning at 10:00am.

It cost 170RM per person, payment upon application.

The office was not particularly busy and even including a trip over the road to get a photocopy of our passports we were in and out in under an hour when applying, and within ten minutes when picking up the visa.

Our visas are valid for the next 3 months (ie we have to enter Indonesia before 18-May-2015), and allow us to stay there for 60 days.

Now we just need to work out what route will make the most of those 60 days: with 17,000 islands in the archipelago there’s some tough decisions ahead of us.