Waiting to get going

We were supposed to be on the road by now.  Our Russian visas have arrived.  The new tent has arrived.  A new stove has been bought.  Bike parts were ordered weeks ago … but a catalogue of c*ck-ups means we are still stuck in (beautiful but wet) Derbyshire waiting for a left-hand crank.  NOT a left-hand HAND-crank, just a straight forward left-hand crank.  Sigh.

Still, since today is the only dry day so far this week, we are taking some consolation from the fact that we haven’t spent a week pedalling in the rain.  It is a small consolation though.

19 responses to “Waiting to get going

  1. Great looking blogsite or whatever it is called. Clean, attractive and informative, with not too much information for the non cyclist. Very impressed.

    Only query: too old to understand the kilometres an hour, or the kilometer distances. What happened to the old Empire and its measurements?

  2. Have only somewhat belatedly caught up with your new life but now intend to follow all developments closely courtesy of your v smart blog! Go the revolution!

  3. Thanks Kate. We’ll do our best to write something worth reading.

  4. Nice looking site, can’t wait to see it filling up with interesting stuff!!

  5. Laid up with shingles at the moment!!!
    “fat bun” sends her love…
    Guess that’s not a very interesting comment like the site – great idea and nice layout

  6. Mark, Michelle, Ben & Rebecca

    Have a ball from wet and wintery Naas on the 1st day of summer!! Look forward to reading all your adventures 🙂

  7. Excellent website you pair, lots of information in there already and you’re not even back on the road yet. Looking forward to more reviews, especially on the new tent and lots of anoracky stats!!
    Good luck to both of you, safe pedalling and many great days on the road to the east!

  8. My advice leave the anoracky stats to the anoracks..!!!
    Spend your time in the saddle having fun…!!! Hope you find the time to do some cycling after keeping your impressive blog going, looking forward to reading it and keeping in touch, have a blast.

  9. Nice work team. Like the new web site, great for us cycling geeks who want to know the low down on the bike and bits and bobs. Didn’t need to know about your underwear though… One thing missing though! MAPS, hmmm colourful maps. Maybe a little tracking thing so i don’t have to keep cut n pasting your location into Google. Would also be helpful if you go missing and we have to organise a search party!

    • We didn’t set off with any maps James which is why there’s none in the kit list. We’d like to set up a ‘where are we now’ page with a tracking map, but that involves further googling and fiddling about to work out how best to do it….which we’ll do when we’ve got a bit more time. Too busy pedalling right now. 😉

  10. Hi Keith and Tamar…happy wheeling !!!
    Tons love,
    Edith xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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