WordPress blocked here – 26 August 2012

It seems WordPress is blocked here. Trying to find a work-round. Will do what we can to keep posting.

OK, we think we have just posted this!  But the work-round that let us do this is unreliable and not viable for normal posts.  We’ll let you know if and when we get a better solution…..

3 responses to “WordPress blocked here – 26 August 2012

  1. Hi T & K
    I suspect that this may be a regular problem in “regulated” environments.
    Just to let you know that your post made it to us



  2. A great way to enjoy condensed milk is to simmer it in the tin for a long time, allow to cool , open and surrender to yummy caramel. xxxxx

  3. Oh no!!
    I really enjoy hearing all about your exploits.Come back soon!
    Edith xxxxxxxxxxxx

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