Our Route

Total distance since leaving the UK in April 2011: 46,885 km
Last updated 5 April 2015 in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.

  • Green line      Pino 2011       (11,562 km)
  • Red line          Pino 2012      (12,073 km)
  • Yellow line     Pino 2013      (10,268 km)
  • Purple line     Pino 2014      (10,001 km)
  • Blue line         Pino 2015      (2,981 km)
  • Black line        Other (eg boat, bus, truck, train, plane)

(Use the box in the top left of the map to view by year)

9 responses to “Our Route

  1. Hello, hope you both are well, think you are, I am now on my way to Teheran in Iran and want to go Aserbajan, I can see on your map that you are in kyrgyztan, nexst to Tajikistan. You have traveled a long way. I hope the best for you and take good care. Kent from Greenland, riding the BMW

  2. Having focused on your blogs, I had not noticed this until today. Great feature and I will point it out to people. Please say “Good Morning Viet Nam” pace Mr Williams!

  3. This is great to see the route. Know what you mean about the knees!

  4. Hugely impressed Tamar and Keith! Some people don’t stir out of their back door, or front door for that matter, and look at you two. Absolutely fantastic, well done! We went to Pilsley yesterday and Will started work on the floors in the dining room and kitchen. It will soon be tiled and beautiful.

  5. Hi Keith & Tamar , nice to met you both today on 12th April, 2014 in Kantang Trang province Thailand do you remember me and my friend who tracking and took photos while you cycling? Great to hear your story, I have no idea how you do this and what is your target, but I think it should be archieved and hope you will not have a problem along your route, take care.

    • Hi Nares. Thanks for taking the time to look us up. Yes, we saw you at least three times today – hope you got some good photos. We’ve had a fantastic time in Thailand, made all the more special by the smiles and encouragement from people like you.

      Very best wishes, Tamar & Keith

  6. hi guys,

    Currently sat in a large western hotel in Oattani having just read your post about it!

    We are currently 2/3’s of the way through a Hanoi to Singapore cycle challenge and were told not to come to this area.

    Today was ok, very much like you explained. Tomorrow we cycle the 100 miles to Khita Bharu.

    I just want to say thanks for your great blog, your fantastic story and your obvious devotion both to each other and your cause.

    All the best,


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